The sky so blue, the grass so green

The last time we saw this crew on the blog they were a family of three and Emerson was the star of the show!  And now, she has a little brother Nolan in tow….but she is still quite the little star!  I hadn’t seen Emerson for a while so I wasn’t sure if she would be shy or not, but as soon as I got out of the vehicle she kept saying to her mom “that’s Becky”.  Yup, you got it!  By the end of the session we were great buds…she sang songs with me, made some great faces for me and was just a lot of fun in general!  Nolan was so chill… chill in fact that he fell asleep half way through!!  But that was the perfect time for us to grab some great shots of him just sleeping in the field!

We barely beat out a big storm that rolled through Winnipeg that night!  When we started the session it was sunny and hot and by the time we finished there was lightening and thunder rolling in the distance!


Maitland_013 copy


Maitland_024 copy

Maitland_065 copy


Maitland_349 copy

Maitland_338 copy


Maitland_195 copy

Maitland_089 copy

Maitland_312 copy


Maitland_171 copy

Maitland_412 copy

Maitland_178 copy


Maitland_248 copy

Maitland_260 copy


Maitland_285 copy

Maitland_438 copy

Maitland_516 copy


Maitland_474 copy

Maitland_478 copy


Maitland_488 copy

Maitland_499 copy

Maitland_550 copy



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