I know you like the party, but the party never stops

When Mary emailed me to tell me her daughters wanted to do a summer shoot my imagination instantly started running wild with ideas!  Alisha and Julia had a location in mind and it went perfectly with my visions of a big bunch of balloons and some summer fun!  Of course they are always game for any of my crazy ideas and my day dreams came to reality a few weeks ago.

These girls are always a JOY to work with!  They always come so excited, well planned and ready to have some fun!  It has been so wonderful watching them grow into beautiful young ladies in front of my camera!  I really couldn’t believe how much they have changed since last year!  These two might have been a wee bit shy when we first started working together years ago but, they have become naturals in front of the camera and we always have so much fun together!  It’s such a pleasure when your clients become your friends!  I love keeping tabs on these girls on their Instagram accounts, so creative!  And Alisha is quite the amazing photographer herself!

Enjoy these summer fun photos and maybe spot these cuties on the blog agin this fall sometime too…YAY!

Alisha & Julia_007 copy


Alisha & Julia_040 copy


Alisha & Julia_052 copy

Alisha & Julia_056 copy

Alisha & Julia_095 copy

Alisha & Julia_108 copy


Alisha & Julia_151 copy

Alisha & Julia_158 copy

Alisha & Julia_168 copy


Alisha & Julia_218 copy

Alisha & Julia_226 copy

Alisha & Julia_259 copy

Alisha & Julia_304 copy


Alisha & Julia_371 copy

Alisha & Julia_388 copy


Alisha & Julia_408 copy

Alisha & Julia_411 copy


Alisha & Julia_448 copy

Alisha & Julia_558 copy


Alisha & Julia_677 copy

Alisha & Julia_599 copy

Alisha & Julia_615 copy

Alisha & Julia_617 copy

Alisha & Julia_635 copy


Alisha & Julia_789 copy


Alisha & Julia_753 copy


Alisha & Julia_792 copy


Alisha & Julia_835 copy

Alisha & Julia_892 copy


Alisha & Julia_907 copy


Alisha & Julia_916 copy


Alisha & Julia_953 copy

Alisha & Julia_960 copy

Alisha & Julia_868 copy

Alisha & Julia_866 copy

Alisha & Julia_984 copy

Alisha & Julia_976 copy


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