So bring your good times and your laughter too….

Finley_412 copy

There are so many things I love about this next session!  I love Finley’s polka dot dress, how much fun the family photos are, the rainbow paper garland from Scout & Acadia and how colourful everything is.  And then there’s the baby herself!  I LOVE Finley’s blonde hair that has a few flips and curls at the ends, I love her blue eyes, I love all the expressive faces that she makes and I love her tiny little teeth.  I love her very professional over the shoulder model pose 🙂 and how she kept leaning over the end of the chair to try and see where her little light up balls went on the ground!  So cute!

The last time we saw Finley she was just a wee one and over the year she has sure grown!  While she has grown a lot one thing remains the same as the last time I saw this family…..there is LOTS of love and laughter in this family!  When I look back on the photos of the whole family or just Finley with mom or dad I can’t help but smile…how cute is this little family?

Marcia took so much time in planning this session, from the paper garland to their wardrobe…and it sure paid off, love the results of this fun and colourful birthday session for Finley! Enjoy!!


Finley_020 copy


Finley_035 copy

Finley_044 copy

Finley_055 copy

Finley_060 copy


The many faces of Finley 🙂

Finley_079 copy

Finley_094 copy

Finley_110 copy

Finley_113 copy

Finley_123 copy


Finley_130 copy

Finley_240 copy

Finley_169 copy

Finley_179 copy


This little one has good taste…she loves to play with her Mommy’s Tiffany necklace 🙂

Finley_189 copy


Finley_143 copy


Finley_297 copy


Finley_346 copy

Sweet lil rosebud lips <3


Finley_360 copy


“You better get this quick, because i’m so done with it!”

Finley_369 copy

Finley_400 copy


Finley_405 copy


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