It was an itsty bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini….

I try to do a couple shoots a year that are just for me.  Shoots of the things that i’m inspired by and i’m very inspired by the seasons so I knew this year I was going to do a summer fun shoot!  The seed for this shoot was planted last summer…I was pinning things on a board called “summer fun” so that clients had ideas of things they could bring along to sessions if they wished.  I pinned a kiddie pool.  I’m sure some people thought “she’s crazy, a shoot with a kiddie pool?”.  Well I may be a tad crazy but I was 100% serious!  So come May this year I really seriously started planning this shoot…I ordered oodles of rubber duckies off eBay and Open a Party, I tried to find co-ordinating beach balls and I helped picked the perfect little suits for the models.

When I thought about models for the shoot two little ladies popped into my head instantly and I knew their mom would  totally borrow me her girlies for the sake of a photo shoot!  Yup, those sweet faces belong to Kara’s girls!  Sarah was just as entertaining as ever and Ellen was just so happy and content to sit in the pool!  Sarah jumped in the pool and instantly started singing songs about beach balls and rubber ducks.  It was so much fun to just capture her as she checked out all the stuff around her.  The girls auntie Kendra also came along for the shoot and was great at singing songs and helping to make those girls smile! Aunties rule!  Thanks Kara for letting me borrow your girls!!

I hope you all enjoy this summer fun pool party!!  We sure had a blast shooting it!  Yay summer!!

Wieler_051 copy


Wieler_062 copy

Wieler_090 copy


Wieler_107 copy


Wieler_110 copy

Sarah did a great job making sure all the beach balls were in just the right spot 🙂

Wieler_112 copy

Wieler_139 copy


Wieler_142 copy


Wieler_165 copy

Wieler_158 copy


Wieler_182 copy

Wieler_191 copy

Wieler_206 copy


Wieler_209 copy


Wieler_224 copy


Wieler_269 copy


Wieler_296 copy

Wieler_154 copy


Wieler_376 copy


Wieler_265 copy


Wieler_250 copy

Wieler_252 copy


Ellen’s making a breakaway!

Wieler_050 copy

….and Sarah follows.  Dry off time!

Wieler_384 copy

Wieler_419 copy


Wieler_435 copy


Wieler_394 copy

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  • Totally adorable!! So many sweet shots of these gorgeous girls. Thanks for letting me crash the pool party!!

  • oh my how i love these girls! sarah is so cute in her rainbow bathing suit and what a little fashionista ellen is. such a fun summertime shoot. nice work becky!

  • Wow, so many gooders! I’m always impressed by your talent with children but even more blown away when it’s MY children! Adorable concept and amazing images Becky, even if I weren’t biased. Thanks for thinking of my girls for this shoot. <3

  • Oh these make me smile! So cute!

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