maybe i’m just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans

I am never really fully prepared for the magic that awaits me at my sessions with these three little dolls.  Susanne (mom) and I usually email all year long with pictures of inspiration that we find, but we change our mind multiple times and I never know what to expect until it’s right there in front of me.  And every year I say “this is my new favourite”.  This is my new favourite.  For reals.

Susanne set up this little hideaway right in the comfort of their own yard and filled the space with towers of books, flowers, blankets, pillows….so much goodness I bet the girls would have stayed and played out there for hours…I know I would have, although I might have had an iPad instead of a book, he he.  The warm fall colours make me so happy to welcome this season change!  Sets like this are what I dreamt about shooting when I was dreaming about becoming a photographer.  To take a little peek into the imagination of a child and capture some of those daydreams.  Susanne always sends me the most lovely thank-you notes after she sees the first glimpse of her photos and really I owe her all the thanks because every shoot I get to collaborate on with her I live out a little bit more of my dream.

I’m BIG on song lyrics….all my friends can probably tell you about a time they were driving somewhere with me and I stopped the conversation and said to them “don’t you just love these lyrics?” My love for song lyrics has extended to my blog post titles, you may or may not have noticed that all my blog titles come from song lyrics and the lyrics I chose for this post are from one of my very favourite songs. Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill is also the song I chose for my “Meet Becky” video on the site because I LOVE the lyrics, they speak to me – they remind me to set big goals, try new things, take a chance – dream, dream, dream!  I’ve photographed these little girls for five years now and I’ve watched them grow and turn into little ladies, and this song is my wish for them.  Each of them have such special gifts and I hope they never give up on their dreams!  I have a painting by the artist Natalie in my guest room, I’ve watched Myla get up and sing in front of the church so brave and so confident and sweet little Emily put together her outfit for the second part of this shoot like a rockstar! (future stylist like her mom??) You three little ladies great things ahead of you 🙂

I could have shot this set for hours and hours and hours!  It’s hard to hold myself back, but kids don’t have the attention span for pictures that might be required for that 🙂  So I pulled myself away from the set because we still had more goodness to shoot after this and I didn’t want to run out of light!  YES, you read right…there is more to come!!  A little country bike ride as the sun went down!  Until then ENJOY these sweet little girls as they invite out into their little hideaway…..

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  • This should be in a magazine! Becky and Susanne together equals greatness! 🙂 The girls have become such naturals in front of your camera! Love it!

  • that was soooooo fun! i enjoyed it very much.i cant wait to see the rest of the pictures!:)

  • ALL THOSE COLORS!oh Becky the pics are gorgeous!!! Your timing with the sun was absolutely perfect! I cant wait to hang these pics in my house! Thank you so much for once again capturing precious memories for us! U r the best.

  • Wow! You do such great work, Becky 🙂 And those girls are beyond gorgeous! 3 sisters is so much fun!!

  • LOVE!!! You really do out do yourself every single year! These girls are so beautiful!

  • Amazing pics! I love always seeing what these ladies pics are going to look like every year! 🙂

  • Beautiful girls! Beautiful pictures!

  • I always look forward to seeing what the new theme is every year! The girls and pictures are always so beautiful!

  • WOW!!! SOOOO Fantastic!!! These colours are beyond amazing. What a treat for the eyes! These girls are adorable and you two ladies are creative geniuses!

  • These SHOULD be in a magazine! These girls SHOULD be models! Gorgeous girls and equally gorgeous photos!! Every shoot you do with these 3 ladies are just amazing!!

  • Gorgeous. It is my dream to have a whimsical photo shoot like this with my three!!

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