Nothing’s better than spending time together

I previously had the chance of working with Robin and Dan before they were married on a promotional shoot, they were such great models!  When Robin emailed me to take some family photos of them and Matteo I was so excited to work with them again!  Matteo is just so sweet!  Those big eyes just kind of make you melt and he has eyelashes most girls would kill for!  He also loves to (try to) snack on rocks!  Lol.  He is a persistent little dude and even when mom took them away he went right back in there for more!  What a cutie!


Grasso_028 copy

Grasso_008 copy

Grasso_010 copy


Grasso_037 copy

Grasso_046 copy

Grasso_051 copy

Grasso_055 copy


Grasso_125 copy

Grasso_165 copy

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