There’s a party goin’ on right here

A few weeks ago I met up with Rich, Marcia and Finley on a very special occasion!  Mom & dad’s 14th anniversary! WOW!  How special that they chose to spend their anniversary with me taking family photos!  Of course we had to do something special to mark the occasion so Marcia brought along some lovely cupcakes from Lilac Bakery, some sparklers and some lemonade for a toast!  We lit the sparklers and sang “happy anniversary to you!” and Finley was in a trance just watching the sparklers, it was so cute! Nothing could break her concentration!

The last time we saw Finley it was for her first birthday and she sure has turned into a little lady since then!  I had a blast capturing these three together as a family, I had so many great, playful shots of the three of them together than I had such a hard time choosing which ones to share!  I love that Finley showed me so many different sides of her personality at this shoot!  Those little sly grins, big grins, giggles….and there was maybe a pout or two in there too but those are equally fun to capture!

Of course Finley came to the shoot stylin’ in her new Chucks!  Marcia carefully planned Finley’s wardrobe and we shared a few texts and emails in the planning stages and it all paid off…how cute does she look?!


Finley_036 copy

Finley_005 copy


Finley_082 copy


Finley_107 copy


Finley_130 copy

Finley_143 copy


Finley_145 copy

Finley_154 copy

Finley_177 copy


Finley_202 copy


Finley_250 copy

Finley_326 copy


Finley_298 copy


Finley_267 copy

Finley_405 copy

Finley_368 copy

Finley_447 copy

Finley_453 copy


Finley_527 copy

Finley_794 copy


Finley_546 copy

Finley_580 copy

Finley_669 copy

Finley_679 copy

Finley_684 copy

Finley_765 copy

Finley_733 copy

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