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A week or so before this shoot Chantel emailed me and asked if I had any great inspiration for this shoot….and I think she was sorry she asked because she spent the next five days blowing up beach balls….kidding!  She used an air compressor 😉

I always have so much fun with this family and I always have just as much fun editing the pictures as I do taking them!  I see each of the kids distinct personalities come out as I look at the pictures and sometimes I find myself giggling behind my computer at how cute these kiddos are!!

When I photograph kids from birth onwards each shoot gets a little easier…a little easier because they grow up and start to take direction and a little easier because I really get to know kids when I see them multiple times per year. I’ve never met a two year old with quite as much charm as Jack has.  I especially loved it when he ran away from me at the shoot, but he turned and smiled mid break away.  Ruby….man, I really feel like i’m starting to wear this little lady down…there was even a moment in this shoot when she didn’t want to give up the spotlight!  She’s such a little fire cracker!  And then there’s Jordan…from our first shoot at the library together when she told me “I be two” to her getting ready to go to school this fall – I have SO enjoyed having her grown up in front of my camera!!  And I know that so many blog readers have enjoyed watching her grow up on the blog as well!

I hope you all enjoy this shoot as much as I enjoyed capturing it!  I love the essential elements of summer we incorporated into it….beach balls, sunnies and ice cream!

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  • Becky, you’ve done it again… These pictures are gorgeous!!!
    Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much!

  • Becky, you are just amazing at what you do!

  • Love these pics……absolute fav is Jack and Ruby’s back o back 2 year old two sites picture. Might be one of my favourite pictures of all time! Thank you Becky xoxo

  • Love them! So bright and fun

  • Becky, amazing photos, you do such wonderful work. I loooove all the colors!!! Chantel & Denis what a beautiful family you have. 🙂

  • Amazing pictures! Those kids are adorable!

  • Beautiful pictures and family!!

  • These are beautiful pictures. Love the ice cream!

  • incredible pics! What a beautiful family

  • Love the pictures!

  • Beach balls and Ice cream cones – brilliant!! Incredible pictures and a gorgeous family!

  • So fun to see the pictures! I love the one of Jack wiping his face on his shirt – reminds me of my boys!!

  • Love the pictures of Dennis and chantel with each of the kids by individually… So sweet… So much love. Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Beautiful photos once again! Such adorable kids!!

  • Once again these pictures are amazing with the photographer capturing each little personality. The lovely backround contributed to the warmth of each picture. Thanks for sharing; Uncle Ray and I looked through them with smiles on our faces and love for your family.

  • These are fantastic pictures of 3 amazing grandchildren

  • Wonderful pics of a very beautiful family. Well done you guys!

  • Pretty much the cutest kids ever (and I have my own)! Great shoot Becky!

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