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From the moment Kara told me she was expecting wee babe #2 over Starbucks one day last fall I was sure she was going to have a boy….well, Ellen sure proved me wrong this May!  Kara and Dwayne are now the lucky parents to two sweet and adorable little girls!

I really love the “downtime” during newborn sessions…the moments mom takes to feed or snuggle babe and this session was no different except I enjoyed the downtime even more because it was spent watching my amazing friend and business partner in her role as mother.  Sarah and Dwayne were outside having a swing leaving Kara and I to chat as Kara fed Ellen.  I asked Kara questions about the birth and she played with Ellen’s tiny fingers and stared at her as she told me what her first ten days as mom of two were like.  It’s no secret I admire Kara’s work as a photographer….I tend to gush about how lucky I am to work with her quite a bit, but I also admire her as a mother – she is so full of love for her family, so positive and so caring…..qualities that I see she has totally passed on to her daughter Sarah who was FULL of hugs when I was over 🙂

Kara and Dwayne….it was such a pleasure to spend this time with you again for baby #2!  I can’t wait to watch Ellen grow and watch Sarah grow into her role as big sister!  Thank-you so much for allowing me to capture these memories for you!



  • I love all of these pictures Becky!! You did a great job! I love these girls like they were my own and I am so lucky that Kara is my sister! Beautiful!!

  • I don’t know what got me more teary eyed, the pictures or your sweet words! Thank you so much for capturing this very special time for us, I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me!! I am lucky to have such a talented and loving friend :).
    P.S. Sarah would like you to come over to play sometime!!

  • What beautiful sweet little girls. You captured them so perfectly, Becky!! And beautiful words about my beautiful sister. Thank you for these gorgeous pictures!

  • Such beautiful photos!!! Ellen is so precious, and I soooo love the ones of Sarah and Ellen together, especially the first one in the post! I’m so happy for you, Kara!!!

  • Beautiful photos of such adorable girls. Thank you for capturing them for Kara.

  • I love, love, love, these pictures. What wonderful words, sweet children and loveliness that have gone into these pictures. Wow! Can’t wait to kiss their little cheeks 🙂

  • These pictures are beautiful! Such lovely little girls.

  • Beautiful photos Becky!! Kara and Dwayne have been blessed with such gorgeous little ladies!

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