I had a dream that I could fly from the highest swing

When I went in search of a location close to home for these two cuties I found a gem that I knew they would love because it had 1. stuff to climb on and 2. rocks!  I remembered from our last session together that Ricky loves rocks and sure enough a few minutes into the session Ricky was asking me if we could take some pictures on the rocks!  These two have grown since the last time we saw them on the blog but they are still as CUTE as ever!  It’s really fun to watch these two interact together – when I was taking pictures of Maddie, Ricky was quick to jump in the shot and smother her with a big bear hug!  When I was taking pictures of Ricky, Maddie was behind me making faces and trying her best to make Ricky smile, but he was stoic and would not give into his sister antics 🙂 And in the pictures of them together you can just see the sibling love that exists between these two….one of my very favourite pics from this session is one of the two of them  , Maddie is daydreamin’ and Ricky is giving her a great.big.hug.  Sibling bonds are so special 🙂


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