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Where do I even begin this special post?  Many of you know Kara as an amazing photographer, the other half of Jack and Ruby, friend, sister, etc.  To me she is my fabulous business partner, a photographer I admire and my very special friend.  I adore her!  And many of you who know her can back me up on this one, she is one of the kindest souls I know.  And now…to top it all off, like a delicious red cherry on top, she’s a mom.

When Sarah was 8 days old I planned a little trip to go see Kara, Dwayne and tiny little Sarah, we had such a great afternoon, visiting and leisurely taking some newborn pictures of Sarah.  I am so thankful for that I time I had with them, it was such a special time to see this new little family interacting together, Kara and Dwayne tag-teaming diaper changes, Dwayne just staring at Sarah and saying over and over how cute she is and Kara soothing her when we wanted her to be sleeping.

Words can’t describe how much I adore this little girl already….all the love I have for Kara just spills right on over to Sarah.  I know oodles and oodles of people out there will agree with me when I gush…..isn’t she sooooooooooo cute?!  I couldn’t stop the close-ups of this little sweetheart!  Perfect lips, perfect nose, perfect feet and check out those perfect ears!

She started out awake….but she didn’t stay that way for long!

Her little hands always by her face…like her little movie star way of saying “no pictures, no pictures”

Such a gorgeous mama!!

And one of my very favorites for last 🙂


  • ahhhhh i love love LOVE them all! sarah is a beauty! you definitely captured d & k’s love for their little girl!

  • Well Becky, you had me in tears before I even got to the first picture. I cannot express how much we loved having you here to take these very special first pictures of our little family. You are not only a fabulous photographer but such a dear friend, which made it such a relaxed, fun, positive experience. These photos are everything I knew they would be and so much more. I couldn’t choose a favorite if I tried, I love so many of them. Thank you for this precious gift. I hope some day I can repay you! This means so much to me, and your words nearly leave me speechless (which is hard to do!).
    P.S. Sarah loves her “honorary” auntie!

  • Wonderful job Becky!! I loved what you said about Kara, so true!! Beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family. You can feel the love! The the one of Kara and Dwayne snuggling Sarah at the end!! Perfect!

  • Beautiful baby! Congratulations Kara!!! (And great job Becky!)

  • Wow, good job Becky! Beautiful pics!

  • Beautiful little Sarah! Great job Becky! I think its so special that you could do this for Dwayne & Kara.

  • Oh Kara! She’s sooo precious!

  • absolutely perfect!!

  • Wow, Sarah is a beautiful baby, Congratulations Dwayne and Kara! Becky, these photos are outstanding, Love the family shots, you can see how much Sarah is loved, also love that second last one.

  • I can’t pick a favourite. I love every one of them! Gorgeous pictures! Beautiful Sarah! I love the family pics!

  • Great pictures Becky!! There is something about a daddy holding his little girl that makes me tear up!! Baby Sarah is so precious!

  • Congrats to Kara and family….Sarah is simply beautiful. LOVE the closeups, Becky!

  • Uncle Dave says she looks a lot like him…. cute… not much hair.. likes to sleep a lot and has wrinkly feet.
    Helen says…. beautiful pictures… beautiful Sarah….. anxious to see and hold her.

  • SUPER cute pics! oh the newborn scrunchyness. LOVE!

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