♥ Merry Merry!!

Check out this super fun Christmas shoot I had with Matea last week!  If I had to give everyone roles from Matea’s shoot, of course Matea was the movie star, her mom was the stylist (not a detail was forgotten!) and her dad was the director, totally helping me out by getting (and keeping) her attention!!  Matea is such a smart little girl, she looooves books and she has developed such a big vocabulary since I last saw her!  She has also grown so tall since the last time I saw her too!

So this marks the last shoot i’ll be blogging before Christmas! (but I still have some more other posts planned so check back anyway!).  It feels so great to be caught up with all my work and have some free time to enjoy Christmas “stuff”.  Today me and my BFF decorated cookies all day and I didn’t even have to feel guilty that I should have been working.  We made some delicious sugar cookies with…uhm….”creative” decorating.  Or something like that.  They make decorating look so easy on all those TV shows…but really it’s not that easy.  Don’t worry, I won’t be opening a bakery anytime soon and will leave the fancy cookies to the pro’s!  Stay tuned for a post from that baking adventure!


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