This love will never fade away

Oooooh, this blog post is LONG over due, but i’m so happy to finally share these fun images!  Reid and Beth are always a blast to photograph and this time mom and dad even tagged along for some gorgeous family images!

Funny story about this shoot….Chad and Lyn told me they wanted to take me to some land they owned in the Pembina Hills, I was so excited!  I love it when clients take me to spots special to them!  So we were driving to the second spot and things started to look familiar and I realized it was the exact spot me and one of my besties had found last spring while scouting for locations!  We didn’t know who owned the land and didn’t know who to ask permission to shoot there so I didn’t think much about the spot again….well turns out I do know who owns the land!  What are the chances?!  I was so excited to shoot under the bridge where they come to fish….I can see a few more shoots happening here with this family because we still had so much exploring we could have done!


Pauls_097 copy

Pauls_295 copy


Pauls_076 copy


Pauls_140 copy

Pauls_185 copy


Pauls_146 copy

Pauls_257 copy

Pauls_270 copy


Pauls_346 copy


Pauls_544 copy


Pauls_555 copy


Pauls_601 copy


Pauls_824 copy

Pauls_682 copy

Pauls_711 copy

Pauls_726 copy

Pauls_737 copy

Pauls_705 copy

Pauls_775 copy

Pauls_786 copy

Pauls_857 copy

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