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The first night we were supposed to have this shoot thunderstorm warnings and heavy cloud cover diverted our plans.  Bertha and I both dreamed of this session kissed with golden sunlight….so we decided to postpone and it’s a good thing we did….at the time we were supposed to start the skies opened and there was a heavy downpour.  So the next week the sun came out for us and I was SO excited as I hit the road to meet Berth and Matt at their home.  We started the shoot in a field of barley that Bertha planted herself!  YUP!  You read that right, she planted it. HERSELF.  This girl is a real farm girl!  From there we jumped into their beloved truck and went to find a creed and then on our way home I asked if we could just stop by some trees.  A VERY large dog came to visit us in those trees….lucky for Bertha and I Matt saved us by escorting the dog on his way…phew.

I’m sure it won’t take you very many photos into this blog post to see how in love these two are.  This was my third shoot with them (Lucky me!!) and I swear they look more and more in love each time I shoot them!  These are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet….beautiful inside and out.  They are going to make such wonderful parents!!  Right after the shoot I posted a couple pics on my Facebook Page from the shoot and the response was unbelievable!  So many lovely words for Matt and Bertha and it made me so happy because they are so deserving of all the lovely things all their fans were writing about them.

Matt and Bertha, as always it was a pleasure to have you in front of my camera.
Esther, thank-you so much for choosing me to take these photos for your sister – what a lovely thing you have done for them 🙂


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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Bertha, you look amazing! Becky, wonderful job, as always! 🙂

  • Becky,

    I am always impressed by your shots… I love them… I love the way the red with the jean blue flows together nicely throughout all the pictures and the colors are so well balanced, Great Job Becky.

  • This was such a gorgeous shoot, the lighting, the styling – that red truck is perfect. And everything about this couple, especially the mama-to-be is beautiful!

  • These are some of the most beautiful maternity pictures I’ve ever seen Becky. AMAZING, AMAZING job!

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