♥ Twinkle twinkle little star…

I’m sure you all remember this gorgeous baby bump from October, and now the baby from that bump has arrived!  I went to meet tiny little Zoey (all 6 lbs of her!) when she was just six days new and she showed me just how good at sleeping she is!  She tried to keep her eyes open for a little while, but after a good swaddled and a little holding from mom she was out!  And stayed that way for most of her shoot!  I had a relaxing morning with Kevin and Colleen, snapping pictures as Zoey slept and hearing all about their new adventures in parenthood….they were only 6 days into at the time but they handled everything like old pros!  Zoey was born with a gorgeous head of hair (that even shines a little bit red when the light hit it at just the right angle!) and i’m sure she’ll take after mom and be sporting adorable headbands in no time!

Thanks so much for having me Kevin and Colleen!  I can’t wait to watch Zoey grow and develop her own little personality!  Enjoy!!

And now for a peek into Zoey’s pink paradise 🙂

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