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I ain’t ever gonna beat this summer with you

Summer! Summer! Summer!  What says summer more than a kiddie pool full of beach balls and balloons, flamingoes, pineapples and three sweet little summer girls!  This shoot was SO much fun to plan!  It came together pretty quickly when I decided I wanted to do a summer fun shoot with three of my favourite little girls.  There are a couple DIY bloggers I follow on Instagram (@aww.sam, @studioDIY) that are such an inspiration to me…they’re always creating fun little projects and I often think….how can I make that work for a photoshoot!?  Their use of colour is on point!!  And it totally challenges me to see how I can incorporate little extra bits of coloured styling into my shoots!

Stella, Emily and Abby were the perfect little models!  Stella and Emmy had lots of fun playing with all the little props and Abby….well she just does what she does best…sits around looking CUTE!  So lucky I have these sweet girls to call upon when i’m feeling inspired and need to shoot something fun!  Their moms are always willing to bring them along to any crazy shoots I have planned!


Summer Girls_282 copy

Summer Girls_232 copy

Summer Girls_228 copy

Summer Girls_544 copy


Summer Girls_178 copy


Summer Girls_083 copy


Summer Girls_241 copy

Summer Girls_064 copy


Summer Girls_030 copy


Summer Girls_027 copy


Summer Girls_019 copy

Summer Girls_929 copy

Summer Girls_847 copy

Summer Girls_250 copy

Summer Girls_199 copy

Summer Girls_467 copy

Summer Girls_796 copy

Summer Girls_235 copy


Summer Girls_773 copy


Summer Girls_757 copy

Summer Girls_246 copy

Summer Girls_737 copy

Summer Girls_706 copy


Summer Girls_148 copy

Summer Girls_622 copy

Summer Girls_428 copy


Summer Girls_116 copy


Summer Girls_616 copy

Summer Girls_494 copy


Summer Girls_610 copy

Summer Girls_487 copy

Summer Girls_159 copy


Summer Girls_510 copy

Summer Girls_084 copy


Summer Girls_439 copy

Summer Girls_419 copy


Summer Girls_051 copy

Summer Girls_371 copy

Summer Girls_503 copy


Summer Girls_277 copy

Summer Girls_958 copy


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