Ain’t nothing like feeling that summertime feeling

The last time we saw Bennett on the blog it was to celebrate his first birthday and now it’s time to celebrate his sister Anna’s first birthday!  We met up one cloudy morning a few weeks ago and even though we had about ten drops of rain we had a great time!  With some balloons and a couple of cupcakes we were ready to celebrate and have a great time taking some photos!

One of my favourite moments to capture of kiddos is closed eye giggles….when they laugh so hard they squeeze their eyes shut and scrunch up their noes….there’s not much cuter than that to me!  Anna gave me so many big smiles and giggles!  It was so awesome!  Not to be outdone Bennett gave me some great looks of his own…including a couple big pretend pouts that broke out into a great big smile!  What a cutie!  And don’t these kids just have the most AMAZING eyelashes?!  Jealous!



Anna_002 copy

Anna_021 copy

Anna_068 copy

Anna_025 copy

Anna_131 copy

Anna_083 copy

Anna_153 copy



Anna_448 copy

Anna_290 copy


Anna_468 copy

Anna_330 copy

Anna_484 copy

Anna_297 copy


Anna_323 copy


Anna_366 copy

Anna_488 copy


Anna_522 copy

Anna_549 copy

Anna_737 copy

Anna_770 copy

Anna_594 copy

Anna_656 copy

Anna_812 copy

Anna_1113 copy


Anna_1134 copy


Anna_1099 copy

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