What the world needs now is love, sweet love

LOVE.  The perfect word to describe this session…..so much love in this family and so much love for this family!  Our session last fall was cut short due to rain so we never got a chance to pull out The Big Love Ball and I waited a whole year for my chance to use it!  I think it actually worked out perfectly this way because Edith was able to participate and chase and play with her sisters when we pulled it out!  What a difference a year makes!

Oh these girls are just as sweet as they look!  I love our sessions together, the hugs and the love I get from them.  I could spend hours taking their pictures….not sure Edith would have stood for that, but I think Ellen would have….what a little entertainer!  I love having her in front of the camera!  Sarah, those freckles, the sparkle in her eyes, a little bit shy in front of the camera sometimes but SO full of personality!  And then there’s Edith….the one who tries to get away!  But we captured her smile and tricked her into photos this year 😉

I have to also throw in a little thank-you to Kara here because well, you know what they say about photographers and October….October to photographers is like April to accountants….CRAZY!  Kara was so patient waiting for these and didn’t ask once where her photos were staying.  THANK YOU!  You’re the best! <3


Wieler_042 copy


Wieler_055 copy


Wieler_065 copy


Wieler_080 copy

Wieler_088 copy


Wieler_115 copy

Wieler_188 copy

Wieler_199 copy


Wieler_091 copy

Wieler_216 copy

Wieler_292 copy


Wieler_236 copy

Wieler_280 copy

Wieler_314 copy


Wieler_338 copy

Wieler_346 copy

Wieler_348 copy

Wieler_363 copy

Wieler_398 copy

Wieler_404 copy

Wieler_447 copy

Wieler_478 copy

Wieler_597 copy

Wieler_617 copy


Wieler_633 copy

Wieler_744 copy


Wieler_748 copy

Wieler_513 copy

Wieler_552 copy

Wieler_801 copy

Wieler_827 copy

Wieler_844 copy


Wieler_856 copy

Wieler_891 copy

Wieler_903 copy

Wieler_929 copy

Wieler_936 copy

Wieler_970 copy

Wieler_978 copy

Wieler_992 copy

Wieler_1003 copy

Wieler_1015 copy

Wieler_1019 copy

Wieler_1026 copy

Wieler_1110 copy

Wieler_1123 copy

Wieler_1128 copy

Wieler_1139 copy

Wieler_1174 copy

Wieler_1070 copy

Wieler_1187 copy

Wieler_1191 copy

Wieler_1079 copy

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  • Thank you Becky for yet another amazing set of photos to go up on the wall and to look back on in the future!!! You’re so talented and we all love you. I will cherish each and every one of these images forever! ❤️

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