Oh, no I never got over those blues eyes, I see them every where

A few weeks ago I spent a snowy morning with Sawyer capturing some 6 month photos of him!  What a handsome little man with blue eyes you just can’t stop staring at!  I love at home sessions with my clients, it creates a backdrop for photos that is uniquely your own!  I love peeking around seeing what gems I find in my clients homes….Sawyers nursery did not disappoint! Gorgeous light, gorgeous design and lots of colour!  He had the perfect rug that was just the right colour to show off those gorgeous eyes!!!


Sawyer_046 copy


Sawyer_090 copy

Sawyer_121 copy

Sawyer_161 copy

Sawyer_216 copy


Sawyer_247 copy

Sawyer_268 copy

Sawyer_293 copy


Sawyer_305 copy

Sawyer_338 copy


Sawyer_575 copy

Sawyer_589 copy


Sawyer_605 copy

Sawyer_632 copy


Sawyer_671 copy

Sawyer_728 copy

Sawyer_775 copy

Sawyer_817 copy

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