If you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway that is best.

This family spent the summer cruising the open roads in their beloved “Rosie” so we decided it was must to work Rosie into the summer shoot this year!  We loaded up with blankets, a croquette set and lots of sweet road trip treats and head out to Stanley Park to enjoy the evening.

When I look back over our years of shoots together I notice how far i’ve come as a photographer but I also notice how comfortable these gals have become in front of the camera too!  We had a little pack of kids who were very interested to watch what was going on and it didn’t throw these girls off their game one bit!  Grace under pressure!  Te he.

Golden locks, braids, freckles, dimples, patchwork blankets, so much goodness packed into one shoot!

Enough chatter…this blog post have been long over due so here go!  ENJOY!

Krahn_2014_007 copy


Krahn_2014_011 copy


Krahn_2014_064 copy


Krahn_2014_085 copy


Krahn_2014_091 copy


Krahn_2014_122 copy


Krahn_2014_162 copy


Krahn_2014_171 copy

Krahn_2014_185 copy

Krahn_2014_199 copy

Krahn_2014_258 copy

Krahn_2014_280b copy


Krahn_2014_288 copy


Krahn_2014_305 copy


Krahn_2014_325 copy

Krahn_2014_718 copy

Krahn_2014_348 copy

Krahn_2014_427 copy

Krahn_2014_452 copy


Krahn_2014_457 copy

Krahn_2014_482 copy


Krahn_2014_486 copy


Krahn_2014_772 copy

Krahn_2014_786b copy

Krahn_2014_754 copy


Krahn_2014_526 copy

Krahn_2014_537 copy


Krahn_2014_566 copy

Krahn_2014_621 copy

Krahn_2014_629 copy


Krahn_2014_839 copy

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  • OH my goodness Becky! These pictures are beautiful! These girlies are growing up into beautiful young ladies.

  • Love these gorgeous girls!! So fun wafching them grow up in your photos!

  • Oooh, these are gooders!

  • Your photo shoots with these beauties never disappoint. Gorgeous images! And I love that quilt!

  • such a great session as always!!! I look forward to this session every year!! The photos INSIDE the car? Great job. The photo of the oldest sitting in the drivers side with the door opened reminds me of a photo you took of me so many years ago ; )

  • Huge thanks to you, Becky. It was reality check time for me looking at these photos. My babes are growing up so fast. You did an amazing job at getting them to pose and give you natural expressions. I’m in love with these pics and can’t wait to see them all.

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