Come meet me in the sky, i’ll be waiting for you

When I first started emailing with Emily and Isabella’s mom about this shoot we were talking rainbow colours, balloons and ice cream treats….and that morphed into a hot-air balloon ride to an ice cream picnic.  Talk about fun!  They showed up with a car full of balloons and a picnic basket full of all things perfect for an ice cream sundae…sprinkles, Skittles, bubblegum…yummy!

I love all things sweet and colourful so this session was right up my alley, top that with two extra sweet little girls and it was a dream shoot for me 🙂  Emily and Isabella were so much fun!  Emily was working her charm for the camera and Isabella was full of little giggles and little looks of mischief …like when she put her whole face into the popcorn bowl and popped back up with one kernel in her mouth. Seriously, this shoot was so much fun!


Theroux_215 copy


Theroux_018 copy

Theroux_048 copy


Theroux_092 copy


Theroux_132 copy


Theroux_176 copy

Theroux_250 copy

Theroux_303 copy

Theroux_310 copy


Theroux_341 copy

Theroux_387 copy

Theroux_400 copy


Theroux_678 copy

Theroux_669 copy

Theroux_458 copy

Theroux_489 copy

Theroux_544 copy

Theroux_547 copy

Theroux_631 copy


Theroux_695 copy

Theroux_697 copy

Theroux_720 copy

Theroux_741 copy

Theroux_756 copy

Theroux_788 copy

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