Whoa, I gotta go… back to school

When I emailed Tiffany to start planning for this shoot she let me know she had been thinking about some school themed photos since all three girls are starting new adventures at school this fall!  Piper heading off to kindergarten and Willow and Halle off to pre-school.  I LOVED this idea!  I have always loved all things back to school…new school supplies especially!  I also really love all of the colours that back to school props bring…pencils, books, apples and of course some sweet treats too 🙂

I think that just maybe these cuties love candy as much as I do!  When it was time to move from location #1 to location #2 the girls got to snack on some Nerds, I mentioned that I also loved Nerds and had some in my drawer of candy at my house after Halle heard that I had a drawer full of candy she responded with “I love you!”. Te he.  The laughs didn’t stop there, these girls were so entertaining and so full of energy and funny antics in front of my camera!  I especially loved all the hugs I got from them in between shots, I will always take a break from shooting for hugs, but you really do have to brace yourself for it when three little ladies run and you with hugs all at the same time!

We met a little bit earlier than planned when the evening brought with it some dark and gloomy looking clouds!  We did not want to get rained out!!  I’m so glad there was no rain because this session was a whole lotta FUN!  Take a look and see for yourself!  ENJOY!

Tollefson_007 copy


Tollefson_091 copy

Tollefson_163 copy


Tollefson_081 copy

Tollefson_136 copy

Tollefson_089 copy


Tollefson_103 copy


Tollefson_144 copy

storyboard009 copy

Tollefson_194 copy


Tollefson_225 copy


Tollefson_361 copy


Tollefson_373 copy


Tollefson_442 copy


Tollefson_479 copy.jpg

Tollefson_502 copy

Tollefson_505 copy

Tollefson_522 copy

Tollefson_525 copy

Tollefson_540 copy


Tollefson_582 copy


Tollefson_671 copy



Tollefson_725 copy

Tollefson_729 copy


Tollefson_747 copy

Tollefson_899 copy

Tollefson_938 copy


Tollefson_876 copy

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