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So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun

It’s time to check back in with Reid and Beth!!  The morning of this shoot the weather looked pretty ominous so we moved the shoot up an hour in hopes to escape the rain!! When we were planning this session we wanted to find something that was lush and green!  So we head off to their uncle’s corn field.  As luck would have it, it had rained a lot before our shoot and it was muddy!  So after a few pics in the field set off to find something where they could move around a little more freely!  The great thing about our overcast morning was that we could stop wherever we wanted!  So we found a nice gravel road and stopped to finish up the session!

As usual these two were very fun!  Beth is growing up into such a little girl and it’s hard to believe Reid will go to school this coming fall!!!  It feels like yesterday he was two and we toured around his dad’s auto body shop.  Just like at that shoot where Reid got his soother as a surprise at the end of the shoot Beth got her’s as a surprise at the end of this shoot!  She was so happy!!!  It was so cute to watch.


Pauls_130 copy

Pauls_045 copy

Pauls_143 copy

Pauls_063 copy


Pauls_121 copy


Pauls_177 copy


Pauls_197 copy


Pauls_228 copy

Pauls_250 copy


Pauls_274 copy


Pauls_306 copy


Pauls_338 copy

Pauls_351 copy


Pauls_352 copy


Pauls_407 copy



Pauls_468 copy


Pauls_515 copy



Pauls_548 copy

Pauls_554 copy

Pauls_557 copy

Pauls_568 copy

Pauls_451 copy

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