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I really didn’t know how to start this post….and as I was sitting and thinking about it I remembered a flash drive my mom gave me this summer of pictures that she scanned of me and my sister as kids.  And I figured that those pics would help to show how special this post is for me.  Growing up and me and my cousin Darrin were great buddies….we were baby sat together, we went on family vacays together, we invented games and played them together, we watched RAD approximately 108 times together and then got bikes with pegs to try and learn the tricks….I have nothing but good memories when I think of my childhood adventures with Darrin.

Scan 76 Scan 80

Well now we’re “all grown up” and Darrin and his wife Tracy are expecting their first little babe!  I have been waiting for this maternity shoot since the moment they told me they were expecting!  I am so excited to watch this wee one grown up and capture him or her as she grows.  These two both have hearts of gold and I know they are going to be such fabulous parents!!  I can just imagine a little boy skateboarding behind his dad or a little girl walking around the house with mom’s purse flung over her shoulder…

After the session Tracy was cutting my hair and we were talking about how lucky we were that it was so warm outside for the shoot an we made some kind of joke that “tomorrow it could be snowing” well sure enough, the next day it snowed and snowed and now it’s winter.  lol.  Enjoy these photos from the last day before winter 🙂


Bueckert_083 copy

Bueckert_086 copy

Bueckert_048 copy


Bueckert_117 copy

Bueckert_121 copy


Bueckert_143 copy

Bueckert_182 copy



Bueckert_288 copy




Bueckert_380 copy

Bueckert_408 copy


Bueckert_433 copy

Bueckert_452 copy


Bueckert_461 copy

Bueckert_470 copy

Bueckert_481 copy

Bueckert_486 copy

Bueckert_507 copy

Bueckert_586 copy

Bueckert_598 copy

Bueckert_608 copy

Bueckert_618 copy

Bueckert_625 copy


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