Oh, I love you more today than yesterday

Whoever would have thought the gal that first sat across a cubicle wall from me about 5 years ago would become such an amazing friend of mine.  We bonded over a shared love for office pranks, Dwight Schrute and the internet.  Anyone who knows her will back me up on this…Lindsay is the type of girl who makes your day brighter and more fun, she’s always good for an encouraging word and she has the kindest heart!  I feel so privileged to have been there to capture some really big moments in her life – her engagement, wedding and now welcoming sweet little Emerson.   Any newborn session is special for me, but it’s really something to spend some time with your friends in those early days of welcoming their baby home and watch a new little family all get to know each other.  Maybe this session took a little longer than it normally would have but I am so happy I got to spend those moments chatting with Lindsay in between taking pictures of her sweet little girl.

I remember after on their wedding day being so incredibly happy for Lindsay that she found Craig – it is always so visible how much he loves her and how he is there to take care of her….seeing Craig that morning with Lindsay and Emerson was just so sweet, he now has two girls to take care of and protect.  It was the sweetest thing ever to see him hold, watch and talk to Emerson.

As fun as Lindsay and Craig are together I can only imagine the little personality Emerson will develop!!  I can’t wait to watch her grow!


Emerson_169 copy

Emerson_174 copy

Emerson_181 copy

Emerson_188 copy

Emerson_198 copy

It was so sweet, when Emerson was awake if she put her hand on her face she instantly calmed and a stroke of the forehead easily put her to sleep! Love it!

Emerson_199 copy

Emerson_203 copy

Emerson_216 copy

Emerson_231 copy

Emerson_234 copy


Emerson_241 copy


Emerson_029 copy


Emerson_099 copy



I adore these family pics….so much love all around!

Emerson_105 copy


Emerson_305 copy


Emerson_246 copy

Emerson_262 copy

Emerson_266 copy

Emerson_268 copy

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