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I teased this post a few weeks ago and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it since I shot it and I think it’s fair to say that a few blog readers have been waiting to see it since then too!  It’s quite funny how these three little ladies have become little celebrities on the blog!

Last week I was answering some interview questions for a feature on a blog and one of the questions was “what was your most memorable client or shoot?”  While ALL of my clients are special and i’m so happy that I’ve become great friends with so many of them, three little faces instantly popped into my head when I read the question.  When I started taking photos professionally I focused on weddings and couples and then one day I decided I would like to try shooting kids….what does a photographer do when they don’t have kids?  Borrow them!  I asked my sister, to ask her friend Susanne if she would borrow me her girls for a shoot….and much to my delight she agreed!  And one fall day 5 years ago we met at the Morden beach.  Natalie had just lost her two front teeth, Myla was wearing the cutest tulle skirt and Emily wouldn’t talk to me….but she sure smiled at me when I offered her some bubble gum at the end of the shoot.  Years later and now i’m specializing in photographing kids and I have to thank Susanne for trusting me to borrow her girls that day….it helped me find my niche!!  I have SO enjoyed watching them grow up in front of my camera and I think many of you have enjoyed it too 🙂

This year for our shoot we picked a theme I know nothing about…Camping.  My version of camping is in a hotel 😉  But…if all camping was this fun and close to home so I could go inside to sleep in my own bed like these girls can then maybe I would camp!   The perfect prop for this shoot, and old Triple E camper was no further away than their own back yard!  It’s their play house!  How fun!

This is just part one of this shoot….there is another set to come AND some family photos!!!  Stay tuned, but until then ENJOY!

Krahn_003 copy

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Krahn_082 copy

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