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A couple of weeks ago I met sweet little Bennett on a gorgeous (and sightly mosquito filled) night to take some one year photos!  Bennett’s mom Jennifer gets major points for all the planning she did!  After checking out my Pinterest board for some ideas on what to bring along for the shoot she packed some bubbles (which were a hit!), Bennett’s quilt, a chair that was Bennett’s dads and some watermelon to end off the shoot with!  The watermelon was a hit!  Once he got the hang of what to do he was in there like a dirty shirt….or maybe that’s with a dirty shirt 😉 te he.

Bennett’s quilt was so beautiful!  Made especially for him by his Auntie!  I love it when people bring along special blankets like this because it makes their photos truly unique to them!  And sometimes these things tell us little things about the family…did you notice the cute little airplanes on Bennett’s quilt?  His dad Nolan is an air traffic controller 🙂

It was such a pleasure to spend the evening with these three…enjoy!!


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Things are heating up for the summer!  Oodles of new sessions coming to the blog and teasers on Facebook!

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