Come here and learn a lesson from the lovely lemon tree

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You’ll recognize three of these sweet faces you’re about to see and this time they brought along a friend!    I was lucky enough to meet up with the Dufour family again at the beginning of the month to mark the special occasion of a visit from their cousin Frank, all the way from Australia!  As it’s not a common occurrence for all these sweet kiddos to be at the same place at the same time their grandparents wanted to mark the occasion with a photo shoot!  How proud they must be of all their sweet (and CUTE) grandkids!

Aside from celebrating their super cute grandkids these two love birds were celebrating 37 years of marriage the day of our shoot!!!!  How amazing is that?  Love it!  I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away and had to grab a few shots of just the two of them at the end of the shoot!



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Dufour_005 copy

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  • Love these pics! So cute!

  • Love the pictures Becky. What sweet grandchildren we have.

  • The pictures of the kiddos are adorable as always!! I LOVE the last one of Aunty Patti and Uncle Paul!!

  • Great pictures of adorable little great grandchildren and great nieces and nephews, and fantastic pictures of my handsome Brother and his lovely Bride of 37 years. Congratulations Patti and Paul, what a beautiful family!

  • Lovely and lots of fun!

  • What a fantastic trip and such a great way to capture these fun moments for all the kids!

    Pictures look great, so thanks for all your hard work putting up with the runners! lol

  • 37 years ago when Patti and Pauls married life began, their future was an open book. And as we now turn the pages, we see their dreams coming true. The pictures say it all!

  • The pictures are wonderful and using the lemons and limes as props was a great idea. Grandma and grandpa clearly love their grandchildren.

  • LOVE the pictures!! I am soo lucky to have such beautiful nieces and nephews!!! Oh and very lucky to have such amazing parents!!!

  • Love the special pics of the cousins!

  • Love them all

  • Chip off the old block. Love them all

  • WOW!!! What wonderful pictures!
    The kids all together, a memory that will be life long!
    Love them!

  • Can’t wait to meet everyone, Lola and Arlo have some fun cousins!
    They look beautiful 🙂

  • Love them!!!
    Can’t wait for Lola and Arlo to meet their cousins!!
    Memories that last a life time

  • Wow! What great pictures they are so candid and natural. Wonderful photography of wonderful people!


  • These are all such beautiful pictures! They capture the joy and happiness of being a kid and playing with cousins and grammie and grammie (grandpa)….I especially love the one of frank kissing jack 🙂 they are so cute!! There is so much love between Patti and Paul-congratulations on 37years of marriage together…love you all!

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