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Well it’s been quite a fun month and a little bit with Stella!  I have been pretty diligent with keeping my schedule manageable this winter so that I can spend as much time as I want to with my sister in Winkler.  We’ve had some pretty special days just hanging out at her house – me holding, playing, taking pictures with Stella and Gina just doing whatever she needed to get done at home.  I feel so blessed to be so close to my sister and have these memories together!

The last few pics of Stella are from her road trip to the big city to her Auntie Julie’s house!  That afternoon Stella’s great auntie Louise  came to visit her too!  As we were visiting with Auntie Louise we started to talk about how special Aunties are – and as someone who has SO many special aunties in her life I totally agree….and i’m so lucky I have had such amazing examples set for me – I can’t wait to make so many fun memories with Stella like the memories I have with my aunts 🙂

These pics are from about 9 days until just over 3 weeks, so you’ll see lots of pics of her famous bright eyes from the later weeks!

Stella_312 copy

Stella_333 copy

Stella_635 copy

Stella_640 copy

Stella_643 copy

Stella_1015 copy

Stella_1018 copy

Stella_1022 copy

Stella_1039 copy

Stella_1536 copy

Stella_1541c copy

Stella_1556 copy

Stella_1560 copy

Stella_1572 copy

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  • You are a very special auntie. I love you auntie B. thank you for taking my pictures and playing with me. My mom and I wait for the weekends to see you. Love Stella

  • She is growing so incredibly fast!! Just so incredibly sweet!

  • Becky, you are truly blessed!!
    Enjoy Stella! She is a beautiful baby!!

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