You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

This gorgeous sun kissed session was another one of those early June sessions that got rained out again and again and then turned into an early July session!  This session checks off two favourites for me – a favourite location and my favourite time of day!  We head out into the country to this hidden gem for an evening session to mark Kenzie’s 4th year photo shoot!

Kenzie is at such a fun age, the stories she tells me always amuse me!  When she hopped out of the vehicle she had two things to show me…first her sparkly Tiny TOMS that she got shopping in the states and secondly she had made a craft for my mom at daycare. Nope, she’s never met my mom but she still made this for her….how cute is that?

Kenzie started taking dance classes this year so we finished off this shoot with a little wardrobe change into her ballet gear….if you missed that blog post you missed out on something mighty cute so you better check it out after this one!!


And just a couple pics from the ballet shots 🙂 check out the rest HERE

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