♥ ode to Hutch

Today I got a big yellow envelope in the mail, I was SO excited!  I LOVE getting mail.  I looked at the printing on the envelope an thought to myself “I know this printing!”  And I knew it was Hutch even before I opened it, because that’s just like her…sending packages in the mail….she does special things like that.  One time she bribed me to come to Church on a Wednesday night when I would have rather just stayed home…she said to me “maybe you’ll meet you’re future husband tonight, and i’m leaving you a surprise in the bathroom cupboard” and sure enough, I did meet my future husband that night and she did leave me a surprise.  It was the most special card….with a picture of me and John Mayer on the cover, and the inside was filled with little tidbits about how special our friendship was.

Hutch is the sweetest and most kind girl you will ever meet.  Kinda of shy at first, but not shy at all when you get to know her!  She’s always up for chicken fingers at Grapes or pizza at Pasquales, she will travel anywhere to see a good concert (namely Justin Timberlake or John Mayer), she will go crazy if she eats McDonalds or has Caffeine, she’s okay with turning the heat to MAX in a hotel room, she is dedicated to any activities she joins (especially swim teams!) and she can dress in layers like nobody’s business!  Hutch is the kind of friend who is ALWAYS there for you, will always listen to you vent and is always thinking of others!

So….what was in that big yellow envelope?  Rolling Stone Magazine.  And not just any Rolling Stone Magazine, the very hard to find in Winnipeg Rolling Stone with John Mayer on the cover.  It made my day!!  Hutch, JM and I go waay back.  On Saturday I asked Hutch to type out the Rolling Stone article so I could read it all (lol), I guess she figured getting me my own copy was easier 🙂

This past Saturday when it was very stormy outside, Hutch and I found shelter inside the Millennium Library and we took some photos and chatted over drinks and snacks.  Here’s the first bit of our fun shoot!


double place holder







  • I heart Becky. (-Grin-) : )

  • THese rock Becky – you rocked it.

  • I ♥ Hutch. Awesome pics.

  • i’m in love with that last shot! brilliant!

  • Sounds like you’ve got a great friend! Sorry JM doesn’t do it for me though… 😉

  • And I ♥ microfiche.

    Seriously. All that information placed onto one convenient sheet of high resolution panchromatic monochrome stock is not only a genius space-saver (eat that IKEA!) but its storge shelves eventually form a unique and creative backdrop for a friendly photo shoot.

    That’s win-win for everyone keeping score at home.

  • Another library photoshoot? I loves it!! That last picture is gorgeous, Becky!!!

  • OOh, I like! I agree with everyone else, that last shot is awesome! Also love the one of her laughing with her eyes, and of course the shot of her hanging on to John Mayer!

  • ahh…some cute,nerdy,rocker chic photos.i love them!

  • Hey Becky, I don’t know if you’ll ever get this comment..lol..but I just spent 20 minutes searching your website to find your ode to hutch. She’s been gone almost a month in Europe and I told her I’m going through withdrawal! I remembered reading this some time ago and as I sit here missing her, I wanted to read it again. It’s so nice of you to express your thoughts about your photos…it really adds to your website, which I really like. Of course I thinks she’s beautiful, and I’m so glad you have each other to call friend.
    Norma….Amanda’s Mom

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