Boppin’ up and down in my little red wagon

You might have heard that quote about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes, well in my world that goes something like this “the photographer’s nieces wait the longest for photos”.  These are Abby’s 9 month photos and she was a good 11 months before I delivered them.  Oops!

This shoot started out with a few tears when Abby woke up from a quick little nap and wasn’t quite sure where she was.  We weren’t sure how things were going to go but she was smiling and laughing in no time when her mom pulled out the dance moves and singing!  Raffi always brings the smiles for Abby!  Lots and lots and lots of smiles from this little babe!


Abby_9Mos_363 copy


Abby_9Mos_266 copy


Abby_9Mos_314 copy

Abby_9Mos_344 copy


Abby_9Mos_451 copy


Abby_9Mos_464 copy

Abby_9Mos_480 copy


Abby_9Mos_497 copy

Abby_9Mos_519 copy

Abby_9Mos_530 copy

Abby_9Mos_607 copy

Abby_9Mos_626 copy

Abby_9Mos_640 copy


Abby_9Mos_662 copy


Abby_9Mos_703 copy

Love Abby’s SWEET teether?  Check out LouLou Lollipop!


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