You can light the dark when they hear your heart of thunder.

I don’t shoot a lot of newborn sessions these days but when it comes to family, I can never say no!  Meet Cru!  My cousin Darrin and his wife Tracy welcomed him a few weeks ago and Emily was so excited to introduce me to her new little brother when I went for a visit!  In Tracy’s family Cru is the first grandson after 7 granddaughters!  Woah! He has lots of cousins ready to take care of him…maybe dress him up and play with him 😉

Cru was pretty quiet and sleepy at his session, but Emily was chatty as ever, asking me what I was doing, telling me stories, sharing treat and just being her normal entertaining self!  It was such a fun and special time spending the morning with these four, I even managed to get in a few Cru snuggles in between shots!


Cru_028 copy

Cru_051 copy

Cru_065 copy

Cru_075 copy


Cru_078 copy

Cru_120 copy

Cru_128 copy

Cru_155 copy

Cru_177 copy

Cru_182 copy


Cru_187 copy

Cru_210 copy

Cru_277 copy

Cru_295 copy

Cru_304 copy

Cru_309 copy

Cru_330 copy


Cru_347 copy


Cru_353 copy

Cru_372 copy

Cru_377 copy

Cru_446 copy

Cru_438 copy


Cru_414 copy

Cru_453 copy


Cru_482 copy

Cru_494 copy

Cru_520 copy


Cru_536 copy

Cru_662 copy



Cru_712 copy 3

Cru_720 copy

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