I got my gear in my pack, today’s the day i’m going camping

When Jen emailed me about her session for this year I already had this idea mulling around in my head for them, so I figured I would throw the idea out there to see what her and Phil thought about it.  I remembered seeing their pics taking the girls camping to Folk Fest every year so I figured this would be perfect for them!  A colourful kitchy camping shoot!  They took the idea and ran with it!  Crafting that gorgeous tent, finding the play campfire set and those super cute little lanterns!  My awesome brother-in-law cut me tree stumps, I found the perfect radio from Sunny Life, and we were set!  Ready to camp!

This session was so much fun!  Lucie and Léa are a blast and full of so much personality! Of course bear and Sheepy were along for the shoot and we just had to include them in some of the pictures!


Lundin_020 copy


Lundin_092 copy

Lundin_122 copy


Lundin_152 copy

Lundin_232 copy

Lundin_1047 copy

Lundin_280 copy


Lundin_378 copy

Lundin_382 copy

Lundin_390 copy

Lundin_426 copy

Lundin_473 copy

Lundin_512 copy

Lundin_569 copy


Lundin_593 copy


Lundin_679 copy

Lundin_686 copy

Lundin_948 copy


Lundin_711 copy

Lundin_754 copy

Lundin_768 copy


Lundin_773 copy

Lundin_809 copy


Lundin_833 copy

Lundin_907 copy


Lundin_977 copy


Lundin_1070 copy

Lundin_1098 copy



  • What a fun session! Love it!!

  • These are the photos of my dreams! Becky… You are so very very talented! Thank you as always for these images to have forever! XO

  • Becky, once again you’ve worked your magic! These pictures are so great. You have totally captured their personalities! I absolutely love your work!

  • love, love, LOVE these pictures!! such a great theme! we will totally have to do this on our yard at some point!

  • So adorable! Beautiful colors Becky!

  • Becky! These are amazing!! So is this family…. but you really found the perfect way to mark this moment in time for them and capture who those little wonders are! So beautiful!

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