Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Baby Abby’s six month milestone came and went and I forgot to blog her photos! Opps!  But better late than never!  If after looking at these pics you think that Abby is the smiliest baby ever, you’re right!  She smiles so much and it’s so much fun to watch her when she giggles!  Such a sweetie!  She wasn’t quite sitting on her own yet at this shoot, but she tried….even if it meant a little topple onto the bed every now and then.


Abby_6Mo__008 copy


Abby_6Mo__052 copy

Abby_6Mo__058 copy

Abby_6Mo__059 copy

Abby_6Mo__102 copy

Abby_6Mo__130 copy

Abby_6Mo__262 copy

Abby_6Mo__155 copy

Abby_6Mo__268 copy


Abby_6Mo__174 copy


Abby_6Mo__319 copy

Abby_6Mo__384 copy

Abby_6Mo__400 copy

Abby_6Mo__416 copy


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  • Those are beautiful pictures. My favorite is the the third from the last. She is gorgeous. Not sure who she looks like.

  • Love these! Thank you for capturing her smile and those awesome 6 month expressions!

  • LOVE her!! My fav is the 3rd one down. Big smile on the bed. Nice work Auntie Haha.

  • She’s so smiley! And of course just as fashionable as her mama and auntie!

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