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This session was so fun!  I love getting to do a downtown session and this one did not disappoint! Winnipeg has a great downtown for photos and we just wandered around from spot to spot, stopping wherever we felt like it!

This is my second session with this family and since the last time we saw them on the blog they’ve grown by one little lady!  Hollyn sure kept me on my toes this session….she was a runner!  Mason was still just as photogenic as we was during our last session together, so much personality in one little dude!

We sure lucked out for this session, when we started out it was pretty hot and clear and during the shoot the skies started to get darker and darker….by the time I was on my way home it was pouring!!!

I love how relaxed and fun these family images are, my favourite kind of session….ENJOY!

Jensen_023 copy


Jensen_042 copy

Jensen_047 copy


Jensen_082 copy

Jensen_095 copy

Jensen_098 copy


Jensen_124 copy

Jensen_141 copy


Jensen_152 copy

Jensen_190 copy

Jensen_208 copy

Jensen_219 copy


Jensen_263 copy

Jensen_291 copy

Jensen_344 copy


Jensen_1050 copy


Jensen_1087 copy

Jensen_1098 copy

Jensen_443 copy

Jensen_459 copy


Jensen_553 copy

Jensen_559 copy

Jensen_574 copy


Jensen_579 copy

Jensen_604 copy

Jensen_679 copy

Jensen_690 copy

Jensen_697 copy

Jensen_714 copy

Jensen_730 copy

Jensen_736 copy

Jensen_753 copy


Jensen_979 copy

Jensen_1018 copy


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