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I knew from the moment I walked in the door that this was going to be a fun session!  The first thing Jeff said when I walked in the house was “Janie, Becky’s here, unleash the dogs!”. Lol, I knew it was a safe zone and no dogs were going to come running for me because Janie already told me in an email they were a pet safe zone.  Good try Jeff!  But it sure started the shoot off on a fun note and it didn’t change from there!  The moment I met Zoe she started chatting with me and hardly stopped, I was so entertained by her – she told me her favourite princess was Rapunzel, showed me her dollhouse and let me know I was allowed to take 1o pictures of her.  Sam was fairly relaxed and just hung out quietly most of the session by the end he was ready for a little nap and I took the opportunity to capture some pics of his sweet face!

I love visiting my clients in their homes for sessions when it’s not quite nice enough to be outside.  It makes the backdrop to your photos truly unique to you!  I always find little spots in the home begging to be photographed, just like the gorgeous stairs in this home!


Gilbert_120 copy


Gilbert_237 copy

Gilbert_276 copy

Gilbert_288 copy

Gilbert_307 copy


Gilbert_391 copy

Gilbert_394 copy

Gilbert_399 copy


Gilbert_462 copy

Gilbert_539 copy

Gilbert_566 copy

Gilbert_591 copy

Gilbert_660 copy

Gilbert_719 copy

Gilbert_756 copy

Gilbert_763 copy

Gilbert_774 copy

Gilbert_777 copy

Gilbert_613 copy

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