I’ll hold you close ’til the sun comes out

I’ve known Jeremy for a really long time….since we were kiddos, so I was extra excited to go visit Jeremy, Ang and sweet little Norah, these three are one sweet little family!  Norah was a superstar!  She hardly made a peep the whole time I was there.  Her parents relaxed and told stories of her first couple weeks at home and she must have just loved hearing the sounds of their voices because it kept her relaxed and sleeping the whole time!

I loved taking pictures in Norah’s new room!  So many gorgeous details – that gorgeous baby blanket, a hand me down rocking horse and lovely natural light streaming in from all the windows.


Norah_002 copy


Norah_042 copy


Norah_064 copy

Norah_104 copy


Norah_107 copy

Norah_114 copy


Norah_133 copy

Norah_162 copy

Norah_202 copy

Norah_213 copy

Norah_221 copy

Norah_234 copy

Norah_241 copy

Norah_270 copy

Norah_304 copy


Norah_475 copy


Norah_336 copy



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