Goodnight, my someone, Goodnight, my love

A few weeks ago when I was out in Winkler for the weekend I got the chance to meet sweet little Brayen.  This lovely little lady tried to stay awake, but after we got a few shots with her beautiful eyes open mom gave her a good rock and off she went into dream land!

How gorgeous is Brayen’s room?  Her mom did such a wonderful job styling that room and the rest of their house!  Their house made such a lovely backdrop for this shoot!  I love being able to feature my clients homes in their shoots to make the pictures truly unique for them.  These family pics are so special, I loved watching how Tim and Tammy just gaze at Brayen – watching every little move she makes with so much joy an love.


Brayen_004 copy


Brayen_078 copy

Brayen_151 copy

Brayen_153 copy

Brayen_178 copy

Brayen_194 copy

Brayen_291 copy

Brayen_302 copy


Brayen_309 copy

Brayen_339 copy

Brayen_341 copy

Brayen_348 copy

Brayen_354 copy


Brayen_364 copy

Brayen_367 copy

Brayen_376 copy

Brayen_439 copy


Brayen_469 copy

Brayen_482 copy

Brayen_499 copy

Brayen_516 copy

Brayen_527 copy

Brayen_544 copy

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