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Hard to believe this little miss is 6 months already!!  We head out to my dads farm to mark the occasion…Stella in her new Juicy Couture romper and Auntie B with her freshly painted antique patio chair in tow.  When we got to the farm we told her the family legend that all of us kids were told by my dad and uncle….if she moves to the farm she can have a pool….we didn’t tell her that the “pool” was the watering hole in the pasture. Te he.  After a little shooting at the farm we head back to Winkler and took a few family shots in my sisters back yard…..the clouds were pretty threatening and just a few minutes after we got inside it started to rain!!

Stella is still such a tiny little squirt!  My mom had to alter all the outfits my sister and I had picked out for the shoot because she was still swimming in all of them!  Big or small we love this little lady to bits!

Stay tuned for part two of this shoot….


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Stella_6Mos_057 copy


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Stella_6Mos_092 copy


Stella_6Mos_266 copy


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Stella_6Mos_529 copy

Stella_6Mos_662 copy

Stella_6Mos_643 copy

Stella_6Mos_590 copy

Stella_6Mos_626 copy

I think this was mid yawn….she’s SO bored of having a camera in her face.

Stella_6Mos_637 copy

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