Some days you gotta dance, live it up when you get the chance

Paige_105 copy

It seems as though every summer there is one shoot that gets rained out again and again, this summer this shoot was it!  We had to reschedule three times!  But the wait was well worth it, we ended up with a gorgeous sunny evening, not too hot, not too cold and long before any bugs were out!  The perfect evening for Paige to strut her stuff in her pretty little sun dress and her cute Minnie Mouse sunnies!  Not to mention the bun….she totally rocks the bun!

This special shoot was to mark Paige’s second birthday, she came all ready to go with her big brother Wyatt in tow – who was a great help keeping Paige’s attention and keeping her smiling!  I love to capture all different sides of kids, because lets face it – you can’t expect to be “on” and “cheesing” all.the.time.  As I was going through these pictures I feel like I captured many different sides of Paige – pensive, smiley, giggly and sassy!  It was fun to just let her do her thing and explore and play!  I think the pictures show just how much fun we had!!


Paige_031 copy

Paige_023 copy


Paige_105 copy


Paige_136 copy

Paige_144 copy


Paige_149 copy

Paige_174 copy


Paige_196 copy


Paige_246 copy

Paige_276 copy


Paige_311 copy

Paige_312 copy



Paige_373 copy

Things are heating up for the summer!  Oodles of new sessions coming to the blog and teasers on Facebook!

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