Oh sweet pea, c’mon and dance with me

Little Stella pie turned 4 months last week!  And lucky me, she was over for a date a few days before her 4 month birthday!  My sister, Gina was in the city with my mom getting Stella’s passport so I got to babysit while they went to do that….and what do you know a photo shoot broke out!  Stella is always so happy when she’s being changed – it’s one of my favourite things to do, so my sister brought her in her jammies and let me change her.  Well, as soon as I put her pants on she started to crank…just a little.  I knew that meant she wanted her pants off….and of course any time there are exposed baby legs I just can’t help but take some photos!

Stella is so fun right now….I love going to see her on the weekends and I especially love it when she smiles and gets excited when she sees me!  She also LOVES her hands right now…playing with them and eating them! Te he.  Whether it’s one finger or 4, they’re almost always in her mouth.  So cute!


Setlla_4Mos_017 copy

Setlla_4Mos_019 copy

Setlla_4Mos_024 copy

Setlla_4Mos_029 copy

Setlla_4Mos_032 copy

Setlla_4Mos_043 copy

Setlla_4Mos_046 copy

Setlla_4Mos_050 copy

Setlla_4Mos_054 copy

Setlla_4Mos_057 copy

Setlla_4Mos_071 copy

Setlla_4Mos_077 copy

Setlla_4Mos_079 copy

Setlla_4Mos_085 copy

Setlla_4Mos_093 copy

Setlla_4Mos_102 copy

Setlla_4Mos_111 copy

Setlla_4Mos_116 copy

Setlla_4Mos_131 copy

Setlla_4Mos_143 copy

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