Snow can wait, I forgot my mittens. Wipe my nose, get my new boots on….

Sometimes you plan a session in your mind and then it turns out completely different when it’s show time.  Chantel and I brainstormed for an indoor spot for Jordyn’s four-year pictures because we were sure the beginning of January would be too friggid to be outside for any period of time.  We were wrong.  Chantel put her order in for the weather and a nice mild day greeted us when we arrived for the shoot!  We met at The Park Cafe inside the Qualico Family Centre at the Assiniboine Park enjoyed some hot chocolate, a few pages from Pinkalicious and some photos inside.  Then we bundled up and head outside for some photos of Jordyn and her sled (well actually Jack and Ruby’s sled…but don’t tell them!). The winter photos of Jordyn in her red toque and jacket are some of my favourite winter photos!  I had so much fun capturing Jordyn as she explored the forrest and spied for bunnies and squirrels!

Jordyn steals my heart again and again after each shoot I have with her, this lil lady has the personality to go along with the smiles and giggles you see in these photos!  Sometimes I have a hard time trying to pick which photos of Jordyn to blog because there are always so many with giggles, but there is also something so sweet and innocent about the photos of her when she’s a little bit more serious….those big brown eyes are just so perfect!

I just adore those curly pig-tails!

A little girl and her sled…

Lately i’m lovin’ pics of kids laughing so hard their eyes close!

“Look in here mom!”

“This way!!!”

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