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So when Chantel and I were emailing about this shoot she told me that Jack and Ruby were happiest in the morning and that would probably be the best time to shoot…she apologized that I would have to be up early and promised Starbucks.  I told her that Starbucks was not necessary…I am  a total morning person and i’m usually up at 7am on weekends anway….and aside from all that who cares about me, it’s all about the kids and it’s so important to schedule shoots when kids are at their happiest!!!  So I loaded up my vehicle the morning of the shoot and when I arrived, sure enough there was a pumpkin spiced latte waiting for me….and even though I said it wasn’t necessary, I wasn’t going to just leave it there because who doesn’t LOVE a pumpkin spiced latte??!!

So we started off the shoot at their home on a very yummy note, and if only the world had seen us all hovered around Jack and Ruby in the living room using all our best “sillies” to make them laugh and smile.  After we got some shots inside Jordyn and I went outside so she could show me her skills on the swings while Chantel and Dennis packed up the twins for our little outing to end off the shoot.  I should have Chantel order the weather for all my shoots because she ordered no snow until we had this shoot…and sure enough, it waiting until the next day to snow!  And I was SO happy because we got some great shots outside of the kiddos and the family!

I always have such a great time with this family…Jordyn is quite the entertainer – when we arrived on location for the second part of the shoot the field was FULL of geese…by the time we left…there wasn’t a goose in sight…thanks to Jordyn 🙂  Jack and Ruby are also starting to develop sweet little personalities too…Jack is so handsome and really knows to work his looks!  And Ruby…oh Ruby…she is just as sweet as sugar, with gorgeous eye lashes and when it comes out, a very cute little pouty lip 🙂


Baby legs!!

Stylin’ little Jack with his tie and mohawk 🙂

There’s that cute little pouty lip!

I’m a sucker for those cute little baby cheeks!

What a cute little bear 🙂

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