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Well there’s not much I can say about this little family that I haven’t said already.  I gush regularly about how much I love Kara on here, on the Jack and Ruby blog and on Facebook…but i’m a firm believer that you can never tell someone you love them too much.  Kara and I live about an hour and fifty seven minutes apart….but who’s timing?  The distance makes it hard to do “stuff” for Kara when she needs it….some days I would love to just stop by her house and take Sarah for a walk or just play with her so Kara can get done whatever she needs…you know just “helpful stuff”.  But lets face it, I don’t have a maternal bone in my body so she probably wouldn’t even want to send Sarah with me. 🙂  But…pictures, that I can do.  So while I can’t be in Winkler to do “helpful stuff” I can capture for her the love I see in their little family.  I can capture those moments of snuggling, laughing, peeking and picking out boogers. te he.

There were SO many family pictures I was in love with from this shoot, the kind that make you smile when you look at them.  The kind that you can hear laughing when you look at them.  REAL family moments.  Pictures like this are why I la-la-la-love family photos!!!

Sarah napped on the drive out to the shoot location so when we arrived she was ready for some snuggles!

And my favourite family shot for last 😀

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  • Awe, Becky! These are so special! I love them! Thanks so much for capturing our little family. It means the world to me. Nobody could do it better!!! Sarah is so funny, she hasn’t done that funny little lip thing since that day, of course. What a silly girl!!! I owe you big time, and you DO have a maternal bone in your body. I hope that some day I can return the favor!!!! Love YOU!

  • oh gosh, sarah is such a little darling! her parents aren’t too bad either! 🙂

  • Love these Becky, love that last one of just Dwayne & Kara. What a gorgeous little girl you have Kara.

  • Becky, these are so gorgeous!! I am even more excited now!

  • oh my gosh! these are INSANELY beautiful! kara! you are SO stunning!!

  • These are beautiful!!!! I love this family so much too!!!!! Thanks for making such special memories for them. Sarah is adorable and Kara is HOT!!!! Gorgeous family and I love the barn!!!

  • Kara you look beautiful!!
    Sara is simply adorable. Becky you captured her eyes beautifully!!!
    These are perfect!

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