♥ Sweet Baby Cavell

This little lady did not want to miss out on the Christmas festivities in 2010 so she decided to make her entrance a little early!  When I made my visit to meet Cavell she was just 8 days old and so tiny and cute!  She was a star during her newborn session, sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.  She only woke up a few times, but couldn’t resist the power of her dad’s tight swaddle and she quickly fell back asleep!

Watching this sweet little family together you can’t help but smile.  It’s clear that Cavell is the apple of her daddy’s eye and her mom showers her with love with every touch, kiss and cuddle.  It’s okay if you say “awwwe” when you look at the family photos, I did too.

Little miss sleepy head…tuckered out even before we started!

Check out the gorgeous blanket, knited with love just for Cavell by one of her favorite aunties!

This next picture is my favorite family picture.  Ever.  It just makes me smile 🙂

Cavell modelling a SWEET little creation by Amber of The Cotton Cupcake.  Head over to her Etsy store to buy your little cupcake a little something!!


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