♥ A little star!!

This was a hard blog post for me to get ready….hard because I was sifting through what felt like a gazillion gorgeous photos of little Jordyn, how was I ever going to choose 15 to blog?!  Well I failed…instead I picked 28!!

Truth be told I had been waiting for this session since back in February when her mom booked it (Three cheers for planning ahead!).  After my first session with Jordyn I just couldn’t wait to photography the curly haired cutie again!  Seriously, what’s not to love about this little girl?  The curls, the giggles, her shoes (okay so maybe her mom had something to do with that), how she sometimes picks her nose just to get a laugh out of everyone around her, and to top it all off she has pretty awesome parents who are so friendly and fun to be around!  I had a blast with all three of you and can’t wait for next time!!

We started out the session gettin’ warmed up with some bubbles…

Then it was off to check out some shapes….

Simply gorgeous!

Ever wonder what happens when a little girl throws sand up into the air?  Naturally, this is what happens…shake the sand out of the hair! 🙂

Now for some ice cream!!!

Watching them make her a very special and very tiny cone!

Doesn’t that look like love at first sight?

A trip to BDI wouldn’t not be complete without a walk across the bridge!

Doesn’t she just make you smile??


  • Oh my word! Could that child BE any cuter?? Becky you did a fabulous job capturing that sweet little face. So many precious moments there, no wonder you had a hard time picking out which ones to blog! Too many to choose from!

  • Oh my goodness Becky! I love them and I remember why I needed to have pictures in the summer. Thank you so much for capturing our little girl in such a magnificent light. We adore you too!

  • These pictures are amazing! What a sweet little girl, she makes me smile and giggle all in one. 🙂

  • Wow! What a beautiful little girl. Great job capturing her expressions.

  • Becky these are absolutly beautiful!!! Thank you so very much!

  • So many great shots! Her eyes are so expressive, she sparkles joy!

  • This shoot was great – no wonder you had trouble picking. What a sweet girl and family – I love her curls too.

  • She doesn’t even get a GOOG? What a rip off.

  • Those are such awesome pictures Becky!! She is such a cutie!

  • OMG! That is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen! I love the picture with the bubbles!

  • What a doll! Mom and Dad look pretty good, too! Terrific photos!

  • My favorite are the ones with ice cream, but then again they are all beautiful…..nice work Jordyn

  • she is absolutely adorable!
    how fun!

  • Jordyn has the cutest little grin ever!! Beautiful work, Becky!

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