How long will our session last?

Sessions usually last anywhere between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.  A family with one child is is usually complete in about 45 minutes and each additional child usually adds on approximately 15 minutes.


Help! We don’t know where to take our pictures!

First of all, don’t worry!  Second, let me help!!  Because I am a natural light photographer I am  always searching for places with great lighting.  I have oodles of locations on our back pockets just waiting to be used, all you have to do is ask! We can shoot down a dirt road, in a pathway of trees or on a parkade high above downtown!  I am based out of Winnipeg and all prices are based on shoots in Winnipeg and close surrounding areas.


What should we wear??

The number one question I get asked before photo sessions is “what should we wear?”.  I know first hand this is not an easy question to answer!  For my own photo shoot I tried one dress on with 3 different pairs of tights with a combination of three different pairs of shoes before I decided that I had it just right!  Something that you can use as a tool when deciding what to wear is Pinterest! I have a number of different boards on my Pinterest page dedicated to helping you coordinate the perfect outfits for your family!

If you’ve emailed with me before about wardrobe you know that word coordinate…it’s in my buzz phrase for wardrobe “Don’t match, coordinate!”.  Gone are the days of matching jeans and white or black shirts for family photos…wear some colour!  Mix in some patterns! Accessorize!  Stay away from big logos and everyone wearing the same colour!  Don’t forget about your shoes!  Your shoes will make an appearance in the photos too so slip on your best and leave anything you might wear in the garden at home 🙂  Make sure your kids are in something that they are comfortable to run around in – stay away from overly frilly dresses and tutus – we want your kids to be the focal point!


Should we bring anything along??

Feel free to bring along books, blankets, a fun chair you might have hiding in your basement…anything that you think might add to your shoot or keep your children entertained.  “Photogenic” toys (books, puzzles, blocks), little treats, bubbles are all great ideas. I can’t guarantee it will all be used, but it’s good to be prepared.  Oh and there’s a Pinterest board for this too!  Speaking of being prepared – with little ones it’s also a good idea to have a change of clothes along for little ones just incase someone falls in a puddle, gets a grass stain…well you get the idea 😉

For summer shoots it’s also a good idea to bring along some water and BUG SPRAY (OFF! Clip On Fans work great too).

The session fee for the base package ($300 – Jelly Bean) is also due at the time of your session – this can be paid by cash, cheque or email money transfer.


I don’t know which package I want to book!

The session fee for the base package ($300 – Jelly Bean) is due at the time of your session, once you see your gallery you can decide at that time if you would like to upgrade to one of the other packages.


What do we do if it rains?  Can we go somewhere inside?

If it happens to rain we will re-schedule the shoot.  Wednesday and Thursday evenings are kept reserved for rain-dates.  In the summer when it’s raining outside it’s usually quite dark inside and being a natural light photographer I rely on locations with great light!  Plus, if you had your heart set on gorgeous summer images indoor photos just won’t be the same!


What is the best time of day for a session?

I schedule all my sessions in the morning or later in the day – I avoid shooting around noon hour because of the harsh light and shadows.  Morning sessions start anywhere between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM and afternoon sessions start any time after 3:00PM.  If you want photos with that gorgeous, warm evening glow we will schedule our shoot sometime after supper depending on the time of year and when the sun sets.


Help! We don’t know how to pose!

No worries, I will guide you along as the session goes!  I have a very natural style of family photography and love to get a mixture of posed shots and shots of you interacting with your children – reading a story book, singing a song or having a tickle fight!  You don’t have to be looking at the camera ALL the time!  When it is time to look at the camera all I ask is that you SMILE no matter what your kids are doing so that when they do look at me you’re smiling and looking fabulous instead of looking over and telling them to look at me 😉


What’s a Daydream Session?

Daydream Sessions are sessions that usually have a theme and  require a little extra love and planning.  I can help with all the ideas and coming up with a theme but they usually require you to make some trips to the dollar store, scavenging second hand stores, browsing on Etsy etc. – depending on what’s required there is sometimes an extra charge for props if I need to purchase anything for the shoot.  Daydream sessions can be as elaborate as a circus show in a field or as simple as a backdrop of streamers…the options are endless!


When do we get our pictures?

Your online gallery of photos will go up 4-5 weeks after your session. Here you will be able to log in to view and purchase prints of your photos. At this time you will submit your chosen pictures for your chosen package.


How many pictures will we get?

Your gallery will have minimum 50 pictures included. You will receive a digital download of your files (Jelly Bean Package) or a USB Media Device (Bubble Gum and Lollipop Package) with the number of digital files included in the package you choose.


Can we purchase prints, albums or canvases from you?

Yes!  There are so many different things you can do with your pictures!  Prints, standouts, canvas, albums, iPhone skins…just a few of the options are outlined here, but if you have other products you’re looking for just let me know!


Who picks the pictures for the gallery?

When you hire a professional photographer you hire them for their particular artistic style and expertise, so it is my job to go through all the images from your session and pick out the “best of the bunch” and those are the pictures you will see in the gallery.


Why does the gallery expire?

I want to get your pictures into your hands ASAP so you can get them onto your walls to display!  I find that people will wait and wait….and wait to pick their favourite images unless I give them a deadline.  The images that are your favourite at the beginning are usually the ones you will always love, so start marking those favourites as soon as you see your gallery!  Second, the gallery expires because I have to make room on the system for all the new sessions coming up.  If you want some extra time with your gallery because you just can’t decide or to allow your family to view and purchase prints just let me know and I’d be happy to extend it for you.


Will you photoshop imperfections?

I will photoshop things such as mosquito bites, bruises or scars, zits and other surprises that sometimes pop up on the day of your shoot. I will not photoshop or fix things in your images that are within your control, such as tears or stains in clothing, logos, straps that are purposely left exposed,etc. Also, I do not do selective coloring (where the majority of an image is black and white and selective items are in color).


Do you archive session Images?

I archive your purchased images for two years. Images that are not ordered are purged at the end of the year, in order to make room for new clients.


Can we bring our aunt, uncle, cousins, grandma and gramps along?

I do not currently book any extended family shoots, if you are looking for a BIG family photo I would be happy to refer you to some other great photographers in the city!


Can we bring our pet dog/cat/dinosaur along?

Nope sorry, I am not a pet friendly photographer.  In fact, i’m terrified of dogs!

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