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Web Wednesday: All the Pretty Pandas

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Today’s Web Wednesday is for the Bachelor/ette fans! I am a die hard fan! Since the beginning I have loved to watch, read the breakup rumours about past couples and I even have to admit I LOVE to read the spoilers!

Today’s link (spoiler free!) is to the blog of Sharleen Joynt. Sharleen was a contest on the last season of The Bachelor (Juan Pablo) and she’s probably the smartest and one of the most stylish girls to ever grace the show. Now she has a fun little blog with lots of goodness! Her bachelorette recaps are filled with fun little behind the scenes scoop only a former contestant would know and includes a fun fashion recap of each episode. Another thing to check out that I loved was the episode by episode breakdown of all the outfits she wore on her season.

Favorite this one and be sure to check out her recaps every week!

P.S Who’s you’re fave of the final three dudes on Andi’s season? Leave a comment and let me know!! Team Chris!!

All the Pretty Pandas

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Web Wednesday: SugarSCOUT

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I have had a long standing love affair with the internet since about 1998 when I asked for a modem for my 15th birthday (for real).  Since then i’ve finished the internet a time or two and found a lot of fun and useful websites in the process and this is my chance to share them with you!

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This week i’m happy to feature the lovely little Etsy shop, SugarSCOUT that I found thanks to one of my friends!  Last fall Kara brought along a gorgeous knitted blanket to her shoot that she picked up from these lovely gals and i’ve followed SugarSCOUT ever since.  This winter when I was looking for bar stools a Google search happened to bring me a listing in the SugarSCOUT Etsy shop for custom painted bar stools.  Sign me up!  Stacy and Sara were so wonderful to work with – they took my colour swatches and custom painted three of the most fun stools ever, packaged them up so carefully and sent them on their way home to my kitchen!

Check out their Blog and their Etsy store for all kinds of sweet finds!  Their store is a great resource if you’re looking for home decor, furniture, photo shoot props or sweet vintage goods.

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Web Wednesday: 90210 Wiki

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It’s no secret that Beverly Hills 90210 has been monopolizing the TV at my house lately, thanks to Netflix.  My husband LOVES it, and by love I really mean he’s threatening to take Netflix away from me if I keep watching it so much, especially the other day after I called him Dylan.  I kid, I kid!  In the spirit of 90210 today Web Wednesday combines BH90210 with my favourite website ever…Wikipedia 🙂

I’ve been known to watch TV with my iPad always nearby so I can check out “hey, what’s that guy from?” or “I wonder if this girl has done anything since this show” a quick check on Wikipedia or IMDB and I have my answer.  Last week while Googling Jack McKay (aka, Roman Brady – Days of Our Lives & Michael Hogan – The Hogan Family) I came across this little gem.  Check it out for ALL your BH 90210, Melrose Place and (new)90210 trivia!

90210 Wiki

Web Wednesday: The Big Picture

After a week of blog maintenance and a week of holidays it’s time to get back into Web Wednesdays!

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A few years back a friend tipped me off on The Big Picture and it’s been on my Bookmarks ever since!  The website is run by the photo editors at The Boston Globe and features amazing photography covering current events.  The pictures are amazing and the stories they tell are equally amazing!  To get you started on The Big Picture here are a few of my favorite posts over the years:

Earth Hour – This one is a must see!  It actually shows a before/after of famous city skylines!
2010 & 2011

Vancouver Olympics –  The photo of Joanie Rochette gets me every time!  That was THE Olympic moment for Canada in 2010!
Part 1 & Part 2

Fashion Week Behind the Scenes

Snow Scenes – It might not be snowy in Winnipeg, if you need a snow fix check out these gorgeous shots!! My favorite is #3, it reminds me of the move The Holiday :0)

Head on over to The Big Picture, you’re just in time for the Best of 2011 posts!!!

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