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Inch by inch, row by row, I’m gonna make this garden grow

Mom’s are cool.  My mom is the coolest.  I’m so blessed to have a mom who is one of my best friends.  Over the years we have spent so much time time together – travelling, shopping (I come by my purse obsession honestly!!), visiting in her sunroom…i’m a family girl – I love spending as much time at home on the weekends as possible!  Even though we’re only an hour and  bit apart it feels like oceans apart when you’re having one of those days when you just need your mom.  There have been lots of those days this past year – thank goodness for FaceTime!

My mom is a woman of many talents, always ready and willing to help her children, nieces and nephews with sewing, gardening, decorating projects or just answering those “nurse questions” we all need answered Every now and then. This past year I watched my mom care for my dad and saw the example of what it is to be a Godly wife…I saw what “in sickness and in health” really looks like. Watching her serve and love my dad was an example and blessing not only to me and my sister but to everyone who witnessed it.

This year I wanted to do something different for Mother’s Day and this is my version of something “handmade with love.”  I crafted my little heart out and matced up one of her favourite hobbies with her favourite little gals to make an album with some special photos taken just for her, photos to make her smile and remind her every time she sees them how much we love her!

Stella LOVES my mom’s garden, mom has little animals hidden in random places around the yard just for Stella to find.  Stella loves all her little “garden pets” so much she even bought my mom a new one for her birthday this year 😉

Enjoy this shoot it is filled with LOTS of love!

Gardening_057 copy


Gardening_033 copy

Gardening_391 copy

Gardening_008 copy

Gardening_100 copy


Gardening_047 copy

Gardening_093 copy


Gardening_107 copy

Gardening_135 copy


Gardening_158 copy

Gardening_163 copy


Gardening_167 copy

Gardening_371 copy

Gardening_177 copy

Gardening_211 copy


Gardening_247 copy

Gardening_263 copy


Gardening_378 copy


Gardening_289 copy


Gardening_297 copy


Gardening_415 copy

Gardening_429 copy

Gardening_437 copy


Gardening_518 copy

Gardening_593 copy

Gardening_601 copy


Gardening_568 copy

Now booking summer sessions! Email me to grab a spot!

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World’s Greatest….

I have been blessed with two of my most amazing parents ever.  World’s GREATEST!  I love my mom and dad so much for their endless support and totally selfless love.  They have raised me and my sister always putting us first, our needs before their own.  I love my mom more than words can say, and she really has become one of my best friends, she does SO much for me….makes soup for me, paints and scavenges chairs for me, sews for me and makes sure i’m taking my vitamins.

Since today is Daddy’s Day he gets a few extra words….that doesn’t mean he’s my favourite…because as dad himself would say…”You’re both my favouriteS” 🙂

My dad is one of those lucky men who was blessed to have a house full of girls – my mom, sister Gina and me.  Growing up he spent countless hours at the curling rink supporting my sister and hours (even in the wee morning) supporting me at the skating rink.  He always took an interest in what his daughters were interested in (heck he even had a favourite Backstreet Boys song!) and spent time doing special things with us….taking me fly-in fishing, driving far and wide on every family vacay to find a go-cart track for us, taking me along on Sunday afternoon “coffee” and letting me pick out treats.  Now that my sister and I are “grown up” I can easily say dad is our voice of reason when we might be fretting over anything….”hey, it’s a small deal” is one of his favourite things to say to us when we are worried about something, it reminds us that while it may seem huge to us now, in the long run it’s not so huge after all.

I have so many favourite dad moments…..

  • During harvest when we were little he would come home after us girls were in bed but he would ALWAYS leave a treat for us on his night stand so we knew he was thinking of us.  I thought dad was “cultivating suckers” till I was grown and he didn’t leave them anymore. lol.
  • Dad taught me to drive standard on his 1970 Corvette.  I can clearly remember a moment after I stalled that I got out of the car, slammed the door and told him “You drive home!” Patient to a fault, he quietly got out and drove home.  The next Corvette he bought was an automatic.
  • Every time I got off the ice at any skating competition he always asked “did you have fun” because that was way more important to him than any result that might have been posted later in the day.

I love my dad and my family so much…..they are my world…and now i’m off to Winkler to see my family and give my dad a hug.

Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest dad! Love you!!!

Photo by Red Photo Co

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♥ 365 Days….

365 days ago I walked down the aisle to marry my dream man…..and wow, has the time flown by!!  This is a HUGE thank-you to my man for being so patient  and loving with me for the past year.  Thank-you for always loving my supper and eating everything I made this year!  Thank-you for always cleaning up after I make supper (MAJOR points!!) Thank-you for painting me a pink room and giving that room to me to use for a closet.  Thank-you for turning the volume down when I go to bed at 10pm….orrr 9:30pm….orrr 9:00pm.   Thank-you for letting me decorate with candy and cupcakes.  Thank-you for believing in me. Thank-you for encouraging me to make my dreams realities.  Thank-you for loving me 🙂

Those of you who know me know i’m the farthest thing from domestic….and my Facebook friends may recall some of my triumphs as a self proclaimed “undomestic goddess”: my first casserole, my pink Christmas tree, my first apron (it was pink, of course), my flower pots (that my sister planted for me and I forgot to water, so I guess that wasn’t really a triumph).  I still have lots of room for improvement in this category….and I’ve set some “domestic goals” for our second year of marriage….yes, I set goals, it’s the figure skater in me, I will forever set goals!

Operation: Domestication of Becky:  Year 2 Goals

  • Bake more stuff – I only baked three times this past year….a cake (from a mix), sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. I’d probably bake more if I worked less, so i’m going to try and manage my schedule a little better this year too!  Specific things I’m going to bake this year:  Cinnamon buns, lots of cookies (cuz Chris loves cookies), my moms famous chewy brownies and fancy sugar cookies for every major holiday!
  • Make lasagna – I was all about the 3 ingredient Campbell’s recipe’s this year….I was way more successful than I thought I’d be, but i’m gonna step it up this year 🙂
  • Grocery shop more – I HATE grocery shopping, I’ve hated it since the moment I moved out at 18 and I always leave it till the last possible moment, so I’m going to try and change that this year…..or convince Chris he should do the grocery shopping.Lol.
  • Clean up that pink room Chris painted me.

Here’s to year two babe!  Love you!!!

Some pics of the wedding day from Red Photo Co!

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♥ extended family

Once upon a time, back in my previous life as a figure skater, a very special woman entered me and my family’s lives.  I was probably about 10 when Shelley started coaching me and little did I know then that she wasn’t going to be just a coach but another member to my family.  When Shelley first enetered our lives she had one daughter who would often play in my parents basement while we were at the skating rink.  I remember vividly, coming home to find Alyx still playing away and her mom telling her it was time to clean up….then they would sing “the clean up song” together and put all the toys away….because that’s what Shelley does, she makes the most mundane things special.  I have learned so much from her, and not just how to do a mean double lutz, but lessons about life, love and family.  I have so many letters, notes and cards saved that Shelley wrote me over the years and they still bring tears to my eyes.  She has a way of using words like noone else does, she has the gift of encouragement and does such an amazing job using that gift.  If you haven’t gotten the picture already, I love love love this woman!  

Years later, i’m not a figure skater anymore, but Shelley is just as important in my life as when I was.  Today Shelley has three beautiful daughters, Alyx, Kenzie and Danika….they are the most polite, kind, happy and talkative girls.  I loved getting to spend time with them this week,the relationships between sisters are so special!  Our time shooting was very short….we got rained out at TinkerTown after about 10 pictures, but the evening was still pretty special just visiting over ice cream.  

Bright and early tomorrow Alyx leaves for her second tour with Disney on Ice and her family and so many others will miss her like crazy!  Alyx you’ve grown up so much since the little 3 year old that used to play in our basement….i’m so proud of you for living your dream!! I can’t wait until the show comes to Winnipeg….i’m guessing that i’ll be fighting for front row with the hoards of other people who love you so much!!




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